Makeup and some perspective

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Back to content creation, Simple night out makeup using Be... by BubzBeauty

It's been about 2 years since I created anything. The reason behind this was, my mind was very scattered and I was uncertain on what I should do. After graduating I was stuck, I was looking for full time work and figuring out if I wanted to become a doctor. The search led me to Nepal for a little bit and few other destinations. I landed a job related to a career I may want. However, a part of me died. The creative side which came in the form of makeup, painting, and photography. With the new year creeping on me and settling a bit with my pursuits, I'm back and ready.

The look I decided to create it very simple and subtle. I did my errands, then went out for a night of wine, pizza, and dancing. I used the Bubzbeauty palette created by BH Cosmetics. The pigmentation is not impressive, yet the colors are rather beautiful. Below I have my youtube video. Click if you want to see how I created the look and for something relaxing if you are trying to unwind. Enjoy!

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