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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Le Duo by Lancome Review

I had to do it when I went to the mall. I entered the sacred ground of all beauty lovers, Sephora. I was in search for some ski pants and found my way into the store. I was looking for a new concealor and came out with the Le Duo by Lancome and a few other beauty products. I was really trying to save for my trip coming up. I tried to rationalized it, but really there is no reason behind my choice. Also, I have my eyes on a highlighter palette that can be a dupe for the AB Moodchild highlighter kit. God, help me please.

I'm trying to add some cream contour and highlight into my makeup collection. I do not want to go for the popularized AB cream contour kit. I wanted something different, something that is not talked about in the beauty community. I was came to the duo when I was in line at Sephora. It looked practical. I was uncertain of the color, I opted for Bisque which was a mistake. There are 5 color choices Ivorie, Buff, Bisque, Suede, and Dore. The range is poor, I'm not surprised though. Such brands tend to to cater to those on the darker spectrum.

The product formula is power cream and it glides on the face like a dream. I feel like I'm placing soft butter on my face, without the grease. The product does reduces down quickly, I was being generous with the product trying to build it up. The product is meant to be subtle. If you are looking for something that will give you a dramatic effect the AB cream contour kit  or NYX cream highlight and contour kit will suffice. To me the novelty of having the product weighs greater then the function. It's a beautiful product for special occasions and feels nice to have.

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