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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hearts, Roses, and a whatever

Another Valentine's Day is upon us. A day to spend time with someone you love and celebrate it. However, why not celebrate it everyday? We tend to lose sight of the human connections that matter in our life because we are so caught up trying to make that money to provide basic needs which all comes at a price. Time for money, sleep for work and on. The day tends to be more commercialized, with places over pricing material items and food to show that this is the way you should give your time to the man, woman, and whatever along the spectrum they are something. What is forgotten is that the gifts and time that matter the most come from the heart and are of personal value. 

You don't have to have someone in your life to love, you can celebrate yourself or friends. But in general, always celebrate what you care about and don't lose sight of it. That's how alot of people become lost in the world. 

With all that I'm saying, lets get back to the make up. Pursuing makeup, not in the professional sense is something I've wanted to do. I told myself well this is nothing, you have to become a doctor or something that has some big value in culture. I realized that value does not have to be placed to what you do and how much money you make. The value comes from pursuing what you want. 

I decided to make two makeup look one inspired by Trending at Sephora #metallic and a Classic Red Lip. I was able to make videos this time around so please enjoy them!

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